How we work

Cut-Files tried and proven by the Xanita Design Team

Every CNC cut-file in our Digital Design Vault has been fully tested. In other words, we have used the cut-files to cut Xanita Print or Kraft and assemble every item successfully. Having said this, we cannot guarantee that your CNC cutter will perform like our finely-tuned pilot production cutting machines, so we always suggest you cut a prototype, before putting ink on board and starting a long production run.

How we work

Xanita's Virtual Design & Production Centre (VDC) is the creative design department within Xanita's international Head Office in Cape Town.

Our goal is to consistently push the creative boundaries of Xanita board as a next-generation, low-density fibreboard, designing commercial applications to replace MDF, particleboard, rigid plastic sheeting and lightweight aluminium structures.

Our ethos is to keep innovating. We are rapidly growing and invite collaboration with independent Xanita designers around the world who wish to sell their designs to our distributed manufacturing partners around the world.

Are you a designer?

If you are a designer and you believe you have what it takes to produce amazing products worthy of being sold or licensed on our online cut-file store, please contact

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